Children's Art Centre in Poznań was founded in 1984. However, Poznań was a meeting place for artists, art instructors, educators, scientists and critics focused on children's art as early as the 1960s. Initially, it took the form of Theatre Confrontations and the Review of Films for Children, which transformed in 1973 into a joint, interdisciplinary event entitled the Biennial of Art for Children.  The emergence of this extraordinary festival was followed by the idea to establish an institution that could provide its organizational base, deal with art for the youngest audience on a systematic basis as well as inspire and promote valuable, innovative artistic and educational approaches, creating the conditions for their social resonance.
In 1984, the Minister of Culture and Art established the National Centre of Art for Children and Teenagers in Poznań. The Centre became a respected place promoting art and confronting opinions, and contributed to the development of a community of artists and educators. The new cultural situation of the youngest generation, connected with the political and economic transition in the 1990s, led to a change in the profile of the institution. Much greater emphasis was placed on developing and running new projects of artistic activity that directly involved children. The Centre's program, until then focused on art creation for children, was extended with art creation with children. Active involvement and cooperation in the creative process were deemed a valuable and necessary component of young people's personality development. In 1996, the Centre was reorganized and included in the structure of the local government of Poznań. It is part of the Department of Culture. In 1999, the Centre changed its status and was renamed Children's Art Centre.