Vincent's Pocket

The International Creative Anxiety Workshops Vincent's Pocket is a project that can serve as a model for the intentions of Children's Art Centre: it is both for children from Poznań (who take part in creative workshops in Cytadela city park) and for students who work with them and who will one day become art teachers. They usually do not have the opportunity to have such close contact with children at university. What is also important is the presence of professors who guarantee high quality of the workshops and raise the level of discussions that are held every day. Students from Poland and Europe, e.g. Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Finland, take part in Vincent's Pocket. Thanks to that, Vincent's Pocket, which always runs a forum for professors and students, is an important place for thought exchange, an inspiring and eventful meeting place for young artists. The workshops, organized for over ten years, are one of the fixed elements in the programme of Children's Art Centre. The project is curated by Tadeusz Wieczorek.

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