What we do

We have been in Poznań for 30 years. Our general goal has remained the same, but larger and smaller details that define what we do are constantly changing. Words are changing as well. We used to say “we bring art to people”, now we say “we promote art”. Once the hot topic was being interdisciplinary, now it is multimedia. We used to have plans, now we have projects. We changed our name to include the word “Centre”. The list could go on and on. It is only children and art who stay the same.
We organize artistic and educational activities for children, support professional creation of culture for the youngest, promote art that is modern and touches the kind of problems that are relevant to our audience. Every child is our partner in a conversation, mediated through art, about important issues. Art for children also means intelligent fun and entertainment. What brings art closer to children is their own creativity, especially when it is supported by cooperation-oriented artists
We are located under the roof of the Castle in Poznań. It is here, in a few rooms, where concepts of great art events have been born: the Biennial of Art for Children and Teenagers or the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! It is here where we come up with the creative projects attended every year by thousands of children and young people from Poznań. Unfortunately, we do not have our own place in the Castle where we could invite our young audience – spectacles, concerts or exhibitions are organized in different rented locations throughout Poznań. Fortunately, it is about to change: the construction of The Centre of Theatre Education is soon taking off and we are going to be its co-hosts, together with “Łejery”.