Holiday with Leonardo

Holiday with Leonardo is a series of creative art games named after Leonardo da Vinci. Broad interests of this Renaissance artist were inspiration for creative actions in the workshops. Leonardo da Vinci was a musician, writer, painter, researcher and architect. He studied anatomy, botany, mathematics, optics and mechanics. His scientific research included collecting materials to a treatise about the primeval forces of nature that encompassed the entire cosmology. During the activities, children do not only learn about this wonderful, creative personality and his works, but also explore the period when he lived. Most importantly though, inspired by broad interests of the workshops patron, they try their hand in different areas of art. The objective of the workshops is to create the conditions for children to make their own art and science experiments as well as to discover fascinating ideas. The following mentors have taken part in the project since its beginning, e.g. Wiktor Niedzicki, Ryszard Bazarnik, Ewelina Flinta, Małgosia Markiewicz, Tadeusz Wielecki, Magdalena Stużyńska, Robert Turło, Grzegorz Kasdepke, Kasia Klich.
Each edition of the project consists of several workshops led by people associated with art and the media as well as the closing concert. The project is designed for children aged 7-12. The project is curated by Agata Felikszewska-Igiel.