Biennial of Art for Children

Biennial of Art for Children is an exciting selection of the most interesting events and trends in the world of art for the youngest audience as well as a series of workshops aimed at artistic creation and cultural exploration. Biennial of Art for Children features drama and music, literature and film, storytelling and painting. It strives to integrate different disciplines of art. The event has been designed primarily for children, but it is also useful for artists, animators, educators, scientists and critics as it delivers a globally unique platform for presentation and discussion about art for children.

The program selection is based on the importance of the subject matter as well as the attractiveness of events. Keeping an eye on the latest trends in children's art, the organizers have the Cicero's famous dictum docere, movere, delectare firmly in mind. It advises speakers, who naturally include artists, to teach, move and delight.

It was because of Biennial of Art for Children that Children's Art Centre was established as an institution organizing this unusual festival and exploring artistic and educational spaces it has been opening. Its eighteen editions to date have seen countless events, well over 100,000 attendees and many important debates about children's art. The festival is constantly evolving – it was initially focused on presentation, today it is probably more creative, trying not only to demonstrate what is going on in the world of art, but also shaping elements of the contemporary culture. This approach is best illustrated by the motto of one previous Biennal: Creation, inspiration, cognition.