The Playwright’s Workshop


We have organized playwriting workshops for the participants of the competition for a play for children and teenagers since 1994. They make it possible to raise young authors'  qualifications by going over the entries with specialists – competition jurors as well as organizing meetings and discussions about literature and theatre with outstanding writers and directors. The workshops are also an opportunity for playwrights to have a direct contact with theatre directors from all over Poland and to get to know the latest works (as they are read publicly by professional authors), topics and trends in drama writing.  


Inspiration to organizing the workshops came from a workshop presentation by Maciej Wojtyszka and the actors of Teatr Nowy in Poznań about translating the letter of drama into theatrical matter organized in 1988 within the National Stage for Children and Teenagers under the motto “The theatre's pencil and rubber”.


The workshop meetings in Zaniemyśl (18 editions have taken place on Wyspa Edwarda) and Obrzycko (3 edtions) play a significant role in integrating actors as well as men of letters and stage who are interested in bringing a new kind of intellectual and aesthetic quality to theatre for children and teenagers.        


The guests included outstanding writers, directors, theatre directors and scientists, including Joanna Kulmowa, Krystyna Miłobędzka, prof. Anna Brzezińska and prof. Marta Karasińska, Ulrich Hub and Lutz Hubner (playwrights from Germany), Krystian Lupa, Piotr Łazarkiewicz, Andrzej Maleszka, prof. Przemysław Czapliński, prof. Ryszard K. Przybylski, prof. Lech Śliwonik, Tadeusz Słobodzianek, Piotr Trzaskalski, Krzysztof Zanussi. The participants included Liliana Bardijewska, Krystyna Chołoniewska, Iza Degórska, Marta Guśniowska, Monika Milewska, Malina Prześluga, Robert Jarosz, Michał Walczak.